<aside> 👋 Welcome to Hyperorganised. I am Christine, a Mac geek writing her doctoral thesis on law & information retrieval, fascinated by productivity. See iinek.net for my research and teaching.


On the Research Smarter Tips below you find lots of resources and recommendations on how to improve your workflow. The tip of the month highlights a particular efficient improvement. If you want to get in touch, follow me on Twitter! If you want to see interesting productivity tips I am reading about online, see my RSS tips below.

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hyperorganised is sharing and curating workflow and productivity tips

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My research & tasks workflow

In the flowchart below you can see my current workflow. A more detailed description will be published on Research Workflows. Any questions, tweet me at hyperorganised!

workflow of hyperorganised

workflow of hyperorganised

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Tip of the month ****

Use colours to highlight text in your annotations in Zotero. See more at Annotate Smarter Also use colours to visualise your different appointments in your calendar, see Focus Better.

Updates from my RSS reading list

Using the excellent RSS service Inoreader.

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