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[Some more links and tips on one of my websites legalgeekgirls.com.](https://legalgeekgirls.com/productivity/index.html)

Some more links and tips on one of my websites legalgeekgirls.com.

Organise Smarter

In order to organise you sources and material better, you can use one of the following apps that allow sorting by notebooks, tags and all have good search capabilities. An advantage of storing your sources digital is that you can easier access them, especially if you are using a cloud service.

Some functionality of the following services and apps

The list below goes from simplest to most advanced.

Dropbox or Box

Easy to use but not too many sorting options. You can access your files from any platform. You have to store your sources as files and the only possibility to sort is to use different folders. No extensive tagging possibilities. Different pricing plans for Dropbox and Box.

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Secure file sharing, storage and collaboration


Easy to add sources, including web pages, pictures, audio files. Different pricing plans.

Get a month free Premium (affiliate link) - required for annotations (see below).

Learn How to Use Evernote

Best Note Taking App - Organize Your Notes with Evernote

Create an Evernote Account


As a reference manager it is the most advanced of the tools and also lets you use citation styles very easily.

Zotero | Your personal research assistant